As unique as each individual client - as individual is the Metabolic Balance metabolism program.

Your advantages as a therapist

  • Expand your clinic tools for excellent client results
  • Enhances the uniqueness of your clinic
  • Low investment costs and fast return on investment
  • Simple integration of the program in an existing practice or solid basis for a business start-up
  • Scientifically founded by a study of the Hochrhein-Institut 2010
  • Method established on the market for over 15 years
  • Regularly advanced trainings
  • Professional support by the Metabolic Balance Team and the Scientific Advisory Board

Advantages for your clients

  • Completely focused on the individual health of your clients to increase their quality of life
  • Based on a detailed analysis of your client's current situation and state of mind
  • Use of exclusively natural foods and avoidance of additional products and food supplements in the diet plan
  • Clients gain genuine knowledge about foods which are right for them
  • Provides excellent results for long term health
  • Access to the Metabolic Balance APP to support your clients in their health journey

How to become a Metabolic Balance Coach?

Becoming a supervisor with a new Online introductory course and practice day

Would you like to support your patients or clients on their way to a sensible and healthy diet? Do you like the idea of supplementing your work in practice with a meaningful commitment in the field of health prevention?

Do you want to work with a proven, scientifically based, successful and at the same time innovative concept?

We will be glad to help you!

  • By a medical-scientifically founded, continuously developed nutrition concept
  • With competent, intensive training by well-known trainers.
  • Through the introduction to an independent field of activity without additional personnel deployment.
  • With a wide range of courses for additional qualifications.

How it works

  1. You register online. 
    You send us your completed client sheet for the preparation of your individual Metabolic Balance Plan.
  2. You edit your online course
    Complete 16 video lessons and divide your learning time freely. Detailed study scripts, intermediate tests and passing an online final test prepare you optimally for participation day.
  3. Practice day
    Presence day with the minds behind the program" to practice coaching practices and get to know the business tools.

Your trainers

Birgit Funfack

Co-founder of the method, managing director of Metabolic Balance and alternative practitioner.

Silvia Bürkle

Co-founder of the method, nutritional scientist

During this comprehensive training you will learn everything that qualifies a good coach.

Practical and suitable for everyday use, you will acquire the necessary background knowledge to support people through counselling and training to find their way back to a healthy and natural diet.

Participation requirements

This  varies from country to country and from local legislation. Please contact us if you would like more information about becoming a Metabolic Balance coach.

The training to 'Nutritionist according to Metabolic Balance' is an independent training. It is not linked to the recommendation or sale of certain products or methods.

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Become a coach

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